The Thong

Men’s underwear has come a long way from traditional boxers and briefs. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of wearing thongs as the preferred choice of underwear. While this style was once considered taboo, it has become a popular and acceptable choice for many men. But what makes thongs so appealing?

Recently, men’s fashion has seen a resurgence of interest in the wear-ability of thongs. While traditionally seen as a women’s underwear item, they have become increasingly popular due to their comfort and style. Small brands like HUNK all the way to mainstream giants like Jockey offer a variety, each with their own unique features and benefits. If you’re looking for a flirty and comfortable addition to your underwear drawer, men’s thongs are definitely worth considering.

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History of Men’s Thongs

The thong actually has a long history dating back to ancient times, where both men and women would wear loincloths or thongs for practical reasons. However, modern thongs as we know them today have their roots in the 1930s and 1940s. When designers like Rudi Gernreich and Frederick Mellinger began creating provocative swimwear designs that emphasized the body, they challenged conventions around modesty and gender norms.

Different styles:

There are several different styles, each with their own unique design and fit. Some popular styles include G-string’s, which have a single string running down the back and minimal coverage. T-back, which have a triangular back piece that narrows into a single string at the waistband. And, pouch thongs, which have a contoured front pouch for added comfort and support. Brands with quality men’s thongs include: C-IN2, ADDICTED, and 2(X)IST. They offer a wide range of cuts and styles and colors. Including a variety of different fabrics.

With the growing popularity of men’s thongs, it’s no surprise that there are multiple subscription services dedicated to providing them. One such service is Underwear Expert’s monthly underwear box, which includes a variety of styles including thongs. This box is a great way to try out new brands and designs without having to commit to purchasing full packs. Additionally, as more and more men embrace the comfort and freedom of thongs, having a regular supply delivered right to your doorstep can be both convenient and exciting.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

One advantage of wearing thongs is that they eliminate visible panty lines and are less bulky and more discreet under clothing than traditional underwear styles. Additionally, some people find thongs to be more comfortable and less restrictive for activities like running or other forms of exercise. This is due to there being less fabric to bunch and chaff. 

However, a disadvantage is that they can be uncomfortable and take some getting used to. Some people also find them to be unhygienic due to the fabric sitting in a person’s rectal crease.

Why wear a thong?

There are several reasons why people choose to wear thongs. One primary advantage is that thongs help eliminate visible panty lines. Making them a popular choice when wearing tight or form-fitting clothing. Thongs can also be considered more comfortable for some individuals, as they provide minimal coverage and less fabric compared to traditional underwear styles. Additionally, some people find thongs to be more breathable and hygienic as they allow for better airflow in the genital area.

However, it’s important to note that comfort and preferences can vary from person to person. Some individuals may find thongs uncomfortable or may prefer other underwear styles. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and what individuals feel most comfortable wearing.

men's thong, thong underwear, C-IN2, underwear

Are thongs taboo?

Men’s underwear has come a long way, from simple, functional designs to more daring and revealing styles. However, even with its increased popularity, many people still remain hesitant. But these tiny garments offer unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and support. A growing number of men have come to appreciate the wear-ability of thongs, and there are now several great brands to choose from.

The perception of thongs being taboo varies across cultures and personal viewpoints. In some cultures, they may be seen as provocative or inappropriate for everyday wear, while in others, they are widely accepted and considered a normal underwear choice.

It’s worth noting that societal attitudes towards thongs have evolved over time. In the past, thongs were perceived as more risqué and associated with certain stereotypes. However, in recent years, they have become more mainstream and accepted as a regular underwear style for both men and women.


Wearing a thong can give you an incredible boost of confidence that you may not have experienced with other underwear styles before. The minimalistic design allows you to feel free and liberated. The lack of excess fabric additionally means you can move around with ease. Whether you’re working out, running errands, or spending a romantic evening with a partner, a men’s thong provides freedom and support. Plus, with so many great styles and designs available, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to match your unique personality and tastes.